Prevent Website Hacking

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Your Website From Being Hacked

If you have a website, you should do your best to avoid other individuals from hacking it. Here are some tips to avoid website hacks which you might find pretty useful.

Never settle for a weak password.

When you think of a password, it is advisable to make it very complicated. A complicated password is a strong password. Never use your name, your birthday, and any other type of information which hackers could easily guess. Try to use a combination of capital and small case letters. It is also important to use numbers and special characters.

Update your software and scripts.

One way to invite hackers is to let your scripts run on their own. Remember that regular maintenance is the responsibility of every website owner. That is why it is very important to update your scripts and software every once in a while. Updating your scripts is necessary so that you could enjoy versions which are free from bugs. Updated software also has tightened security.

Keep your computer clean.

There are types of viruses which allow hackers to gain access to your computer. Of course, once hackers have accessed your computer, your website would be vulnerable to serious problems. Trojan viruses and key loggers can easily infiltrate your computer through a number of ways. That is why you should have a good anti-virus program.

Go for a more secure type of web hosting.

Shared and free web hosting services have their advantages when it comes to web hosting. But they also have disadvantages and one of those disadvantages is limited security. Free web hosting is not that safe because simply it is being offered for free. Shared hosting has limited security because a lot of users are sharing the same server. That is why it is a good idea to go for co-location or virtual private server, types of web hosting services that offer higher levels of security.

Back up your site.

One of the best ways to prevent the hacking of your site is to back it up. It is very important that you have a copy of your website saved in your computer. This is so that you could always have something to start with in case anything wrong happens. By backing your website, you will never suffer from the loss of files and any other related problem. Aside from backing up your site and saving it to your PC, you might want to have a separate copy saved on another external hard drive.


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